Very pleasant experience

"I am having a very pleasant experience working with Stephanie. I am very satisfied with her knowledge and experience in the neighborhood and understanding of the market."

- Jason Oxong

A true professional.

"A true professional. Her years of experience help her clients get the maximum value whether they are buying or selling."

- Michael Bowen

Everything's been stellar!

"I'm still working with Stephanie. We've had multiple transactions and one left to go. I had a house to sell for my mother's estate and then I bought a new house and am selling my old one. We've been working together since March 2013 and everything's been stellar!"

- Bev Francis

I enjoy working with Stephanie

"After the wonderful experience I had with Stephanie Nix and her team last time, we are working together again, I enjoy working with Stephanie and her staff at Re/Max Connection. I recommend the staff and services available at Re/Max Connection."

- Roger Sutton

I highly recommend her and her services.

"My family and I would work with Stephanie over and over again if we needed to. She was very knowledgeable and had the experience you need in a realtor, she knew how to point out issues, we would have never noticed. I highly recommend her and her services."

- George Zimmerman

I highly recommend Stephanie Nix

"Honestly speaking Working with Stephanie was great, she was well versed in real estate, she had the knowledge and experience that we needed to make an informed decision. I highly recommend Stephanie Nix and her team."

- Sandra

I've been absolutely thrilled with the results

"The first time I used Stephanie was in 1998 when I bought my first house. I've been absolutely thrilled with the results that I've gotten and that's why I continue to work with her all these years later."

- Albert Evans

She did everything and then some

"Stephanie was amazing throughout the process. We had a very unique situation when we were working with her. We had to do everything in a rush. She did everything and then some to get the job done. We highly recommend her and her services."

- Amanda Myers

She hit the ball out of the park.

"I've had an account with my bank for years and year with my wife. They were really dragging their feet in making the progress that we needed to get the finances in line to get our deal done. Stephanie was able to provide us with alternative sources to help engage with those funds, and those folks made it happen. If it hadn't been for her, we probably wouldn't have gotten it done. She hit the ball out of the park."

- Anonymous

She provided some added benefits with her experience

"Worked with Stephanie for maybe a month, and she provided some added benefits with her experience. She pointed out some things that we didn't know were serious issues or not when selling. Based on her years of experience, she can put it into easily understandable terms for us."

- Chuck Downing

She puts her clients best interest first

"Stephanie was wonderful to work with! She is so personable, and it's very visible she puts her clients best interest first in all of her decisions. It was my first time buying a house, and as I was still learning and new to the process, Stephanie made it the smoothest experience possible for me. I'm very thankful to know her and to have had the chance to work with her!"

- L Sharpe

She really helped me out

"One of the things I like that Stephanie provided, especially for my first house, was that she really helped me out. The first home I bought, she was the realtor and she's been my realtor ever since. She has a banking and finance background and can really offer a lot of insight and advice from that perspective, in addition to all the knowledge that a realtor should have."

- Cyrus Holtz

She was always available

"It was probably 18 months ago that I worked with Stephanie, and I was very satisfied. She was always available and gave me attention when I had questions or got nervous, and brought me all the offers on the house so that I didn't have to do the leg work myself. Overall, it was a great experience."

- Anonymous

She was fantastic

"I only wish that Stephanie could have every offer brought to me be as good as the one I accepted with her! She was fantastic and I'm already working with her again."

- D. Reed

Stephanie is the BEST!!!

"Stephanie is the BEST!!! I can not say enough about how wonderful it is to deal with her, how professional she is and how she is so accommodating at a moments notice. Love her!!!"

- Pam Chuites King

We refer all of our family and friends to Stephanie.

"Stephanie helped us purchase our first home and sold it when we moved away. When we found we were moving back to the Jackson area, we calleld Stephanie. We refer all of our family and friends to Stephanie."

- Dr. & Mrs. D Venarske